Smartscape, our near real-time environment-topology visualization tool, is one of the most powerful features of Dynatrace.

Smartscape auto-discovery delivers a quick and efficient visualization of all the topological dependencies in your infrastructure, processes, and services:

  • On the vertical axis, it displays full-stack dependencies across all tiers
  • On the horizontal axis, it visualizes all ingoing and outgoing call relationships within each tier

With just a few clicks, Smartscape gives you access to a detailed topological view of your entire environment, giving you more insight into and control over your environment.

  • Make better decisions, such as adjusting your service architecture or infrastructure to improve application performance.
  • Examine cross-tier and same-tier process, host, and service interdependencies to better understand how dependencies affect the performance of your applications.
  • Drill down to gain clearer insight into problems. For example, Dynatrace might identify an issue with third-party dependencies and help you understand the impact of the issue on your application's performance.