Why don't I see my applications or monitoring data?

To confirm that your application's web front-end process is monitored, go to Settings > Monitoring overview > Processes and search for the process. All monitored processes are listed on this page.

If you don't see any of your applications or Real User Monitoring data in Dynatrace, the first thing you need to do is confirm that there is traffic in your web front-end processes (web server, Java, Node.js, etc). To do this, interact with one of your applications' pages to generate some traffic.

Once you're certain that your web front-end processes have traffic on them, check the following to determine the cause of the problem:

  • Confirm that the RUM JavaScript tag has been correctly injected into your application's HTML.
  • Confirm that the RUM JavaScript tag has downloaded correctly.
  • Confirm that RUM monitoring data is being sent to Dynatrace.

See the expandable sections below for details on confirming these points.

In rare circumstances, the Dynatrace RUM JavaScript tag that's injected into each application page can have an adverse impact on application functionality. For this reason, following installation of OneAgent, confirm that your application's pages still render properly. If some of your application's pages appear to be corrupted, disable monitoring and contact a Dynatrace ONE product specialist by clicking the chat button in the upper-right corner of the Dynatrace menu bar.