Set up agentless Real User Monitoring

Normally you benefit from Real User Monitoring only after you’ve installed Dynatrace OneAgent. Agentless monitoring is meant to be used in cases that you don't have access to your web server and therefore you cannot install OneAgent. Otherwise installation of Dynatrace OneAgent is recommended for the following reason:


  • You’ll need to manually insert a JavaScript tag into each of your application’s pages. You may find it challenging to insert the JavaScript tags in the right places (this is something that Dynatrace OneAgent handles automatically).

  • If you don't use the code snippet option (see below), the JavaScript tags embedded in your application’s pages will not be automatically updated if you change application monitoring settings—you’ll need to update the tags manually (this is something that Dynatrace handles automatically).

To enable agentless real user monitoring, follow the steps outlined below.

Before you begin

What you'll need:

  • A custom JavaScript tag generated by Dynatrace.
  • Access to your application’s HTML source so that you can insert the JavaScript tag.
  • (Managed deployments only) A CDN to serve the RUM JavaScript tag that will prevent web page performance problems during Managed Server maintenance periods and/or local network outages.

Set up agentless monitoring