Customize Real User Monitoring

Dynatrace enables you to extend its default Real User Monitoring functionality using the JavaScript API. To download samples and instructions for RUM JavaScript API, go to Settings > Web and mobile monitoring > Advanced setup and click Download documentation and samples.

JavaScript API capabilities

  • Create custom user actions
    If you want to monitor key functionality in your application that isn't automatically monitored by Dynatrace, you can define your own custom user actions. Suppose that you want to monitor a specific UI element that's displayed in response to a user click, which doesn't trigger a web request. When no web request is triggered, Dynatrace won't consider the click to be a user action. Using the JavaScript API, you can still monitor such user interaction.

  • Report errors
    Sometimes there are errors that aren't recognized by Dynatrace by default. You can use the JavaScript API's error reporting functionality to send error events, which are then displayed in the Errors section of the application overview page.

  • Report properties
    You can use the JavaScript API to report session and user action properties. Note that first you have to define the properties within the application settings. If they are not defined, Dynatrace will discard submitted properties.

  • Add and extend 3rd-party monitoring
    All resources from the resource timings are captured if the resource timing module is active. Images and JavaScript files are captured with 3rd-party module. You can use the JavaScript API to capture additional resources.

  • Use tagging for user identification
    With user tags, you can track user behavior of specific users throughout your application environment, across sessions, devices, and browsers.

  • Define custom names for user actions
    You can use the JavaScript API to define your own user action names and override the default naming behavior.

  • Enable/disable Session Replay
    You can use the JavaScript API to enable or disable the Session Replay feature.

  • For additional capabilities, please consult the documentation bundled with the download package you can find for your environment under Settings > Web and mobile monitoring > Advanced setup.