Use OneAgent as a beacon endpoint

OneAgent can be used as an alternative beacon endpoint to allow for a smooth transition to Dynatrace mobile RUM.

This is especially useful in cases where your Cluster ActiveGate is internal-only and it can’t use a publicly available IP address. Dynatrace Managed can't be installed in such environments, and therefore can't manage the domain and create the trusted certificate.

Note: The instrumented OneAgent server must be one of the following technologies: Apache HTTP Server, IBM HTTP Server, Oracle HTTP Server, Java servlet-based web applications (such as Tomcat and Wildfly), IIS, NGINX, or Node.js.

To use OneAgent as a beacon endpoint on your Android application

  1. Select Applications from the navigation menu.
  2. Select the application you want to configure.
  3. Select the Browse [...] menu button, and then select Edit.
  4. From the Mobile app settings menu, select Instrumentation settings.
  5. Under Beacon endpoint, select the Instrumented web server option.
  6. Type the web server or Java application server (servlet-based) URL in the following format:
    http(s)://<my-instrumented-server>:port/dtmb mobile beacon forwarder
  7. Select Save beacon endpoint.
  8. On the Instrument wizard page, select the operating system.
  9. Build and test your mobile app to validate the configuration change.