Use OneAgent as a beacon endpoint

OneAgent can be used as an alternative beacon endpoint to allow for a smooth transition to Dynatrace mobile RUM.

This is especially useful in cases where your Cluster ActiveGate is internal-only and it can’t use a publicly available IP address. Dynatrace Managed can't be installed in such environments, and therefore can't manage the domain and create the trusted certificate.

Note: The instrumented OneAgent server must be one of the following technologies: Apache HTTP Server, IBM HTTP Server, Oracle HTTP Server, Java servlet-based web applications (such as Tomcat and Wildfly), IIS, NGINX, or Node.js.

To use OneAgent as a beacon endpoint on your Android application

  1. In the Dynatrace menu, go to Mobile.

  2. Select the application you want to configure.

  3. Select Browse () > Edit.

  4. From the Mobile app settings menu, select Instrumentation settings.

  5. Under Beacon endpoint, select the Instrumented web server option.

  6. Type the web server or Java application server (servlet-based) URL in the following format:

    mobile beacon forwarder

  7. Select Save beacon endpoint.

  8. On the Instrument wizard page, select the operating system.

  9. Build and test your mobile app to validate the configuration change.