Mobile user session analysis

Within today's digital consumer environments, having a mobile-first strategy for the marketing of your business is imperative. No matter if your users visit your web offerings via a mobile browser on a smartphone or tablet or if they use a downloadable native or hybrid mobile app, your business success depends on high-performance mobile user experience. This is why Dynatrace is dedicated to a mobile-first monitoring strategy that offers a wide spectrum of technology insights into mobile user experience.

Dynatrace user session analysis enables you to track each of your mobile customer's journeys through all your product channels, across desktop web, mobile web, and native or hybrid mobile apps.

By default, user session analysis shows all of the real user sessions in your environment that are monitored by Dynatrace—across mobile web, desktop web, and enterprise applications. To focus your analysis only on mobile users, you need to add one or more filters.

Filter mobile user sessions

To filter mobile user sessions

  1. In the Dynatrace menu, go to Session segmentation.
  2. Click inside the filter text field at the top of the page, and then select Application type: Mobile.
  3. To narrow down the focus of your analysis to specific cohorts within your mobile user base, select other relevant user-session attributes that are specific to these mobile users, for example, OS version: Android 2.3.3 or OS version: iOS 10.0.1. You can even set a filter for a specific mobile device manufacturer.

You can also use the findings panel to display particular mobile sessions. For example, select the Application versions category to see which of your app versions is getting more sessions, or select the Applications category to see data on aggregated sessions for each of your applications.

Analyze the user sessions of an individual mobile user

You can focus on the user sessions of a specific mobile user. Following the example of the Application type: Mobile filter, the user list beneath the chart includes only mobile users. Select any of these users to navigate to that user's overview page where you can further analyze the sessions of that user.

You can alternatively specify a specific username in the filter text field by selecting the User tag attribute within the filter text field. To choose, for example, a user named Zara, select User tag: Zara. Only the Zara user appears in the list. Select Zara to navigate to the overview page of this user.

User sessions of a particular user

Another way to filter results for a specific mobile user is via the Dynatrace API by calling the API function identifyUser("<username>") directly within your mobile application code. This API function call is available with OneAgent for Android and iOS 7.x or higher. For more information, see Configuration keys.

By selecting one of Zara's mobile sessions, you can view further details. For example, you can view all actions that were performed by the Zara user during the selected session. Session details contain important device-related information such as device resolution, device manufacturer, device OS, geolocation, and user IP address.

User session details page

Analyze mobile user session crashes

When a user session of a specific mobile user ends in a crash, you can use session analysis to view the complete sequence of user actions that preceded the crash. A link to the corresponding crash report is provided (see Open crash details in the first image below). Crash reports provide all the code-level information you need to quickly resolve the root causes of crashes (see second image below).

A crash reported on the user session details page

Detailed information on the crash