Monitoring unavailable events

A monitoring unavailable event indicates a widespread monitoring interruption, where the majority of your installed OneAgents lose their connection with the Dynatrace server.

Monitoring unavailable events


This usually manifests itself as a lack of visibility in terms of both availability and performance monitoring. In case of a monitoring interruption:

  • Dynatrace automatically suppresses all individual Host unavailable problems and alerts you to the monitoring interruption.
  • All hosts are set to the availability state Unmonitored for the duration of the monitoring outage.

Probable causes

Monitoring interruptions can have different root causes depending on the type of Dynatrace deployment you're running:

  • Dynatrace SaaS environments are administered by the Dynatrace DevOps team, who post all operational issues to
  • For environments running in Dynatrace Managed deployments, it's most likely that the monitoring interruption is caused by an issue within your own data center or network configuration.


To troubleshoot a monitoring unavailable event, see Troubleshoot monitoring interruptions.

Problem and alert filtering

The monitoring unavailable severity level enables you to filter for these highly critical alerts and quickly route them to your monitoring operations teams.


To view monitoring unavailable problems

  1. In the Dynatrace menu, go to Problems.
  2. In the Filter by box, select Severity: Monitoring unavailable.

For more on problems, see Problem detection and analysis.

Alerting profiles

To create an alerting profile with the monitoring unavailable severity

  1. In the Dynatrace menu, go to Settings and select Alerting > Alerting profiles.
  2. Select Add alerting profile to define an alerting profile.
  3. Select Add severity rule.
  4. In the Problem severity level list, select Monitoring unavailable.

For more on creating alerting profiles, see Alerting profiles.