Set up management zones

Management zones are comprised of rules that define which entities and dimensional data (such as metrics) can be accessed within each management zone. Management-zone rules (as well as automatic tagging rules) are based on the same powerful Dynatrace conditional decision engine. In combination with user and group permissions, you can set up management zones to create multiple overlapping partitions in your environment to promote observability, collaboration, and security.

Create a management zone

You can create any number of management zones in your Dynatrace monitoring environment.

  1. Go to Settings > Preferences > Management zones (or select the Management zones settings page from search results).

    Management zone settings

  2. Select Add new management zone.

  3. Provide a Management zone name.

  4. Create management-zone rules governing which entities and data are part of and accessible within the management zone. These rules for entities and dimensional data are based on two approaches: a UI-based approach and a text-based approach leveraging the powerful entity selector) of the Environment API v2.

    Management zone rules

    Select the highlighted tabs (for example, Application Entity in the image above) to see the Matching entities.

Assign access rights to management zones

After you set up a management zone, it’s time to define which user groups should have access to the management zone and at what level.

Go to your Accounts view. User and group permission controls are available when you sign in at You can also access Account settings from the User menu in the menu bar.

See How to apply management zones and Manage user groups and permissions for details.