Enable Generic Log Ingestion

Note: This feature is currently available in Preview. Be sure to read the Disclaimer.

Dynatrace version 1.206+

Generic Log Ingest allows you to stream log records to the system. It is available only via Log Monitoring API - POST log ingest. The Generic Log Ingest endpoint is located on the ActiveGate. To enable it, you must configure the ActiveGate for generic ingest.

The ActiveGate is responsible for serving the Generic Log Ingest endpoint, collecting the data, and forwarding it to Dynatrace in batches.

Activegate will collect and attempt to automatically transform any log data containing the following elements:

  • Log content
  • Timestamp
  • Key-Values attributes

To enable generic log ingest, edit the custom.properties file (see Customize ActiveGate properties) on your Activegate and set the following values:

generic_ingest_enabled = true
minimum_GB_usable_disk_space_threshold = 5

log_analytics_collector_enabled = true
send_interval_seconds = 10


  • Log data ingest is limited to 10,000 log events per minute. If your log data stream carries more 10,000 log events per minute, all log events above that number will be ignored and the log will contain the information that too many log events were ingested.
  • Payload size of a single request is limited to 1MB.
  • Number of requests is limited to 10 per minute by default.