Enable access to log content

To enable existing instances of OneAgent to access log content, log into the monitored host and set:

AppLogContentAccess = true

On Linux:

  • Dynatrace OneAgent versions 103 and later:

  • Dynatrace OneAgent versions 102 and earlier:

On Windows:

  • Dynatrace OneAgent versions 103 and later:

  • Dynatrace OneAgent versions 102 and earlier:

Dynatrace OneAgent restart is not required.

New installations

By default, Log Monitoring is enabled by your Dynatrace administrator during Dynatrace OneAgent installation. If you don't want to allow access to log files on a particular host, you can disable Log Monitoring for that host during Dynatrace OneAgent installation. In the Linux installation example below, note the Enable access to monitored processes log files content on this host switch. Disable this setting to turn off log access for this host. The Dynatrace OneAgent installer for Windows provides the same option.

For both operating systems, Dynatrace OneAgent installation provides support for the APP_LOG_CONTENT_ACCESS or --set-app-log-content-access (recommended since OneAgent version 1.185) parameter, which sets log access to either enabled or disabled based on the state of this switch.