Windows services availability

Dynatrace provides out-of-the-box availability monitoring of Windows services. Define a service you want to monitor based on its name and manage the scope of your monitoring using host groups. All the services you define have custom metric events for alerting enabled by default.

Define a monitored service

To monitor a Windows service

  1. Determine the Windows service name. In Windows, open Services and check its name in the service properties. It's important you use the exact Windows-provided name, because this is how Dynatrace identifies your service. For example, the name of the Windows Defender Antivirus Service is WinDefend.
  2. From the Dynatrace menu, select Settings > Monitoring > Windows services availability.
  3. Select Add new service and enter the Service name and Display name. The Display name is how the service will be presented in the Dynatrace web UI and in alerts.
  4. Optional Narrow the Windows service availability monitoring to a host group of your choice.
  5. Select Create rule.

Custom events for alerting on Windows service availability

After you add a Windows service, a custom event for your Windows service availability alerting is created automatically, based on the OS Service availability metric. OneAgent checks the availability of your service every 10 seconds.

To modify the event settings, go to Setting > Anomaly detection > Custom events for alerting and find your event by filtering the event list by title. Enter the Display Name you defined. You can also enter Windows service availability to find the events for all the services you defined.

Learn how to customize metric events for alerting.