Windows services availability

Dynatrace provides out-of-the-box availability monitoring of Windows services. Define a service you want to monitor based on its name and manage the scope of your monitoring.

Changes to Windows services availability monitoring

In Dynatrace versions 1.214-1.218, the Windows services availability monitoring configuration at the host level took precedence over the host group configuration, which in turn took precedence over the environment configuration.

In Dynatrace version 219+, this is no longer the case. Configurations at the environment, host group, and host level are combined as described below.

You can configure Windows service monitoring at the environment, host group, and host levels. Windows service monitoring is a combination of the settings you make at any of the three levels.

Define a monitored service

To monitor a Windows service

  1. In Windows, determine the Windows service name: open Services, find the service, and check its properties. Be sure to use the exact Windows-provided service name, because this is how Dynatrace identifies your service. In this example, we display the properties of Windows License Manager Service to see that the Windows service name is LicenseManager.

  2. In Dynatrace, go to Windows services availability for the level you are configuring.

  3. On Windows services availability for the level you are configuring, select Add new service and define the Windows service you want to monitor.

    • Service name is the exact Windows service name as determined in step 1.
    • Display name is how the service will be presented in the Dynatrace web UI and in alerts. It can be the same as the display name used by Windows or you can make up a name more useful to you.
  4. Select Save changes.

Custom events for alerting on Windows service availability

After you add a Windows service, you can create a custom event for your Windows service availability based on the OS Service availability metric.

Provide the following information:

  • Category - Hosts
  • Metric - OS Service availability
  • Aggregation - Average
  • Dimension - Service name of your choice

See Metric events for alerting for details on creating and customizing metric events for alerting.

Configure at scale using Settings API

You can use the Settings API to configure your Windows services availability monitoring at scale.

  1. To learn the schema for your Windows services availability configuration, use GET a schema with as the schemaId.
  2. Based on the schema, create your configuration object.
  3. To create your configuration, use POST an object.