Get started with infrastructure monitoring

Following installation of OneAgent on all hosts in your application environment, Dynatrace provides continuously updated metrics related to the performance of your monitored hosts. All host-related metrics are displayed on your home dashboard.

Full-stack monitoring

Dynatrace evaluates the following components in the monitoring of your physical and/or cloud-based application infrastructure:

  • Your hosts (CPU, memory, NIC, and storage)
  • Host processes
  • Network health
  • Your virtual infrastructure platform (VMware vCenter or standalone ESXi hosts)

Note: Full-stack monitoring includes all features included in Infrastructure monitoring mode (see details below).

Infrastructure monitoring

While full-stack mode provides complete application performance monitoring, code-level visibility, deep process monitoring, and Infrastructure monitoring (including PaaS platforms) for use cases where less visibility is required, OneAgent can be configured for cloud infrastructure mode, which provides physical and virtual infrastructure-centric monitoring, along with log monitoring and AIOps.

For Infrastructure monitoring mode, host units are consumed with a factor of 0.3. To compare monitoring consumption calculations (full stack vs. cloud infrastructure), see Monitoring consumption calculation.

Virtualization monitoring

Dynatrace supports virtualization monitoring. To monitor the virtual components in your environment you need to complete an extra step beyond initial setup. For full details, see Set up virtualization monitoring.