Dynatrace provides you with a number of ways to monitor your database performance.

Code-level based monitoring

Dynatrace provides you with insights into the database load, response times, and failure rates. Even connection acquisition times can be monitored. As Dynatrace is a full-stack solution, it also provides insights from the infrastructure perspective of your databases—just by deploying OneAgent on the database hosts. This adds a second view into health metrics like CPU or memory utilization and even network health. Even log files are included in the analysis. If you can't install OneAgent on a database host itself, you can get visibility through our integrations with cloud providers (AWS and Azure) by using an ActiveGate extension or by reporting important metrics via a custom device that you set up.

Database infrastructure monitoring

OneAgent extension-based monitoring

Dynatrace monitors a number of database technologies using OneAgent extensions bundled out of the box with your Dynatrace deployment. Find out which databases are supported.

Database insights

Early Adopter
Currently we provide Database insights for Oracle databases. Database insights provides an infrastructure monitoring perspective into your database, showing you why, for example, a particular statement is slow. With this additional data, you're able to resolve performance problems that are rooted deep in the database layer. See Oracle database insights.