Levels of data protection

Depending on your environment setup and data-privacy settings, some captured data may be protected by law or considered sensitive for other reasons. In such instances, you must take extra precautions to protect your customers' private data.

Dynatrace has 3 levels of protection in place concerning personal data.

  • Scrubbing of data at the point of capture: In this case, the data in question don't leave the monitored process or the end user's browser.
  • Scrubbing of data prior to storage: In this case the data in question is processed by Dynatrace to allow for better analysis, but the original data is scrubbed prior to storage. Scrubbed data portions are replaced with the string <masked>.
  • Masking of data on display: In this case, data is stored but only presented to users who have the View sensitive request data permission. All other users will see that the data point exists but the personal data is masked out with asterisks (*).