Dashboard timeframe and management zone

The global selectors for timeframe and management zone are available for use across all pages and views. You'll find them in the upper-right corner. Just select the management zone you want to analyze. For timeframe, you have an option to switch to the new timeframe selector. Simply toggle the New timeframe selector switch.

Timeframe selector - new

You can specify any time in visual mode or type it in the editbox on top of the selector. Type in a question mark (?) to show the syntax guidance.

Timeframe and management zone preservation

Timeframe and management zone selections are sticky—they're propagated to all pages you visit. For example, after changing the timeframe and management zone on your home dashboard, the selections are preserved as you drill down from the Applications tile to individual application pages.

The exception is opening a new dashboard or getting back to the current dashboard by selecting Dashboard in the upper-left corner of the page. In that case, the timeframe and management zone are reset to the dashboard's defaults.

The timeframe selector remembers up to 10 recently used timeframes.

Default timeframe and management zone

You can set a default timeframe and management zone for each dashboard; these are selected every time you open the dashboard. They're also used when you share the dashboard.

To configure the default timeframe and management zone, open the Settings tab when editing a dashboard, enable the respective toggles, and configure your desired settings.

Dashboard settings allowing to configure default management zone and timeframe