Dashboards and charts

Dynatrace provides powerful dashboard capabilities that support the unique monitoring needs of each team in your organization. Dashboards consist of tiles, which can be positioned and arranged in any way that best meets your needs. Dynatrace provides many preconfigured tiles in addition to a number of configurable tiles that can be customized to visualize whatever metrics are most relevant to your teams. Select any dashboard tile that reports on monitored entities in your environment (hosts, processes, or services) to view the list of monitored entities.

With multiple dashboards at your fingertips, you might want to have all your dashboards open at the same time in multiple browser tabs—this is perfectly fine.

The Dashboard Dashboard button button in the upper-left corner of the page returns you to your current dashboard at any time. For example, if you’ve drilled down through a few pages in the course of investigating the root cause of a problem, to return to your current dashboard, just select Dashboard.

Every dashboard tile is refreshed automatically to update visualized data. Depending on the content shown in a tile and especially the applied timeframe, the refresh interval can vary. The table below provides definitions for dashboard tile refresh rates.

Dashboard timeframe Refresh interval
Last 2 hours and less 1 minute
Last 2 hours to last 6 hours 5 minutes
Last 6 hours to last 24 hours 15 minutes
Last 24 hours to last 72 hours 30 minutes
Last 72 hours and more 1 hour