Dashboards and reports

Use Dynatrace dashboards and reports for quick, focused access to the data you need to monitor your environments.


Each dashboard consists of tiles and charts that can be selected, configured, and positioned to best meet your needs. Dynatrace provides many preconfigured tiles in addition to a number of configurable tiles that you can customize to visualize the metrics that are most relevant to the people using the dashboard. Select any dashboard tile that reports on monitored entities in your environment (hosts, processes, or services) to view the list of monitored entities.

You can make different dashboards for specific people, roles, and teams, so everyone can focus on what's important to them.


Dashboards consist of tiles and charts, which can have their own settings for timeframe, management zone, and sharing.

Charts and tiles

Tiles are the components of dashboards. To edit the tiles on a dashboard, you need to edit a dashboard and then do any of the procedures below.

Dashboards API

You can manage dashboards through the Dashboards API:


Service quality reports
Availability reports