Dynatrace menu

New Dynatrace menu

Starting with Dynatrace version 1.221, the Dynatrace menu has a totally new design.

  • Dynatrace capabilities are organized into groups tailored to broad use cases
  • The menu filter lets you display only the entries that match what you're looking for
  • The Favorites section lets you build a list of your personal favorites, so they're always right at your fingertips

Filter the menu

Use the filter box above the menu to find and select Dynatrace pages.

  1. Enter a partial search string.
    Filter the menu
  2. Select the best match.
    Select a menu item from the filter results

Old menu entries

The new menu is aware of the old menu entries. If you filter the menu for an old entry, the menu will suggest the closest new matches.

For example, if you filter for old menu entry Applications, the menu will suggest the following closest matches pointing to the Applications overview page, but pre-filtered to the application type context.

Filter menu and select from results

Save your favorites

  • To add a Dynatrace page to your favorites, hover over the page name and select the star
    Add menu item to Favorites
  • To access a favorite, expand the Favorites section and select the page
    Select a menu item from Favorites
  • To remove a page from your favorites, select the star again
    Remove menu item from Favorites

Expand and collapse menu sections

  • To show the contents of a menu section, select the expand button
    Expand menu section
  • To hide the contents of a menu section, select the collapse button
    Collapse menu section

Hide or show the menu

  • To hide the menu, select the arrow button above the menu
    Hide menu
  • To display the menu, select the menu button in the upper-left corner
    Display the hidden menu

User menu

Select the user button in the upper-right corner of the web UI to open the user menu.

Display the user menu

The contents of your user menu depend on whether you have deployed Dynatrace SaaS or Dynatrace Managed, and on your configuration and permissions.

  • Go to the user menu for your own account information, to sign out, to switch between environments, and to get the latest Dynatrace news.
  • If you have administration rights, select Account settings on the user menu to manage user, group, and account settings.