Introduction to Dynatrace

Dynatrace seamlessly monitors all aspects of your application environment, across all layers. No matter how complex your application-delivery chain, Dynatrace provides end-to-end visibility down to the method level—with no gaps or blind spots.

Dynatrace capabilities

Dynatrace provides the following capabilities for monitoring and analyzing the performance of all aspects of your application environment.

How Dynatrace delivers its capabilities

Three patented technologies unique to Dynatrace dovetail with one another to enable automatic discovery, modeling, and analytics of each component and dependency across all tiers of your application. Dynatrace provides true full-stack monitoring.

OneAgent technology uses a single agent to collect and unify all operational and business performance metrics for all types of entities in your application environment—servers, applications, services, databases, and more—across each layer of your technology stack (including containers!).

Smartscape visualization technology maps everything running in your environment and detects all causal dependencies between websites, applications, services, processes, hosts, networks, and cloud infrastructure.

Dynatrace patented PurePath technology captures timings and code level context for application transactions end to end, across all supported technologies, from cloud to mainframe.

Dynatrace deployment models

Dynatrace can be deployed either as a SaaS solution or within an on-premises deployment. The on-premises version is called Dynatrace Managed.

SaaS customers only need to install OneAgent. Managed customers, prior to installing OneAgent, need to set up their Dynatrace cluster.

For both deployment models, it's highly recommended that you install the appropriate type of ActiveGate. ActiveGate offers a number of proxy-specific capabilities.

Dynatrace concepts

To get acquainted with the terms and concepts used within Dynatrace, visit Dynatrace concepts as well as Dynatrace glossary.