How do Dynatrace operational standards promote security?

We at Dynatrace understand that security is not an option but rather a mandatory requirement for both our customers and our vendors. Therefore security is of the highest priority for all Dynatrace personnel, beginning at the top with our senior managers who take responsibility for ensuring that all business is conducted securely and that all personnel adhere to established security guidelines.

We'll be happy to provide you with a copy of our Service Organization Controls report (SOC 2 - Type II) following your signing of a non-disclosure agreement.

Our organization is well staffed and adheres to carefully controlled workflows that ensure that all business is executed based on established security guidelines. These workflows include carefully structured reporting lines, data access controls, segregation of duties, security monitoring, and internal audits.

All Dynatrace employees have signed confidentiality agreements. During our onboarding process, new employees receive mandatory training in which they are trained in our code of conduct, security requirements, procedures, and workflows. All Dynatrace employees know their responsibilities related to information security.