Extensions 2.0

Dynatrace version 1.213+

Extensions 2.0 is a brand-new Dynatrace extension framework.


Dynatrace version 1.213 introduced a minimal scope of the Extensions 2.0, that is the capability of distributing the JSON definitions of dashboards and custom events for alerting via extensions.

Dynatrace version 1.215 introduces SNMP and WMI extensions.

For more information on what's coming for Extensions 2.0, see Extend Dynatrace automation and AI capabilities more easily than ever on Dynatrace Product News.

The Extensions 2.0 framework isn't compatible with classic extensions and isn't related to Dynatrace third-party integrations.


Extensions 2.0 concepts

Familiarize yourself with Extensions 2.0 concepts.

Extension lifecycle

Get to know Extensions 2.0 lifecycle and management.

Create simple extension

Get started with Extensions 2.0 by creating a simple extension.

Create extension YAML file

Learn the basic structure and elements of your extension YAML file.

Export assets

Learn how to export assets to add them to your extension.

Sign extensions

Learn how to sign extensions for secure distribution in your environment.

Data sources

SNMP extensions

Learn how to monitor your network devices using SNMP extensions.

WMI extensions

Learn how to monitor your devices exposing Windows Management Instrumentation using WMI extensions.