Early access programs and beta features

Early access programs

Dynatrace Early Access Programs (EAPs) are intended to provide customers access to new features so Dynatrace can get customers feedback and ultimately deliver features that exactly meet customer needs.


  • While planned, there is no guarantee that an EAP feature will ever reach GA status.
  • EAP features aren't meant to be used in production environments.
  • EAPs aren't covered by our Support team, but rather by product management. SLAs don't apply.
  • Qualifying customers are selected based on technical criteria. Final decisions are made by product management and there is no guarantee of participation.
  • While participating in an early access program, you agree to stay in touch and provide feedback.
  • EAPs are available to both SaaS and Managed customers.

The following EAPs are currently open for participation.

Beta features

New features are introduced in a beta phase on an opt-in basis. Beta features aren't feature complete, but they are publicly available, fully supported, and production-ready.

The following beta features are currently available: