How do I fetch the list of monitored services?

A call to the /services endpoint returns a list of currently monitored services along with their attributes and relationships.

Services endpoint


HTTP GET parameters

The endpoint allows the following parameters to be sent as HTTP GET requests:

  1. tag (optional) Filters the resulting set of services by the given tag. Use multiple tag parameters to combine multiple tag filters using the logical operator AND. In case of key-value tags, such as imported AWS or CloudFoundry tags use following format: [context]key:value. An example for a complex tag could be: [AWS]Category:Demo.
  2. startTimestamp and endTimestamp (optional) Filters the resulting set of services by the last seen timestamp. The timestamp values must be in UTC milliseconds and the query is restricted to a maximum period of 3 days.


  • fromRelationships: Outgoing connections from the service to other entities (e.g., a call from the service to another service).
  • toRelationships: Incoming onnections to the service from other entities.
  • agentTechnologyType: Shows the monitored technology type, such as Java or .NET.
  • serviceTechnologyType: Shows the technologies that the service is built on (e.g., Tomcat and Java).
  • tags: Returns the list of tags that have been defined for the service. The list contains all user-defined labels as well as all tags imported from third-party systems, such as AWS.
  • serviceType: Shows the service type, such as web service, messaging service, or service method.

The following code block shows an example result:

    entityId: "SERVICE-713DAEE6611DE663",
    displayName: "JourneyService",
    tags: [
        context: "USER",
        key: "Production"
    fromRelationships: {
      calls: [
    toRelationships: {
      calls: [
    agentTechnologyType: "JAVA",
    serviceTechnologyTypes: [
    serviceType: "WEBSERVICE",
    webServiceName: "JourneyService",
    webServiceNamespace: ""