Settings API - GET objects

Lists settings objects that fit the specified criteria.

The request produces an application/json payload.

Early Adopter

This request is an Early Adopter release and may be changed in non-compatible way.

  • Managed https://{your-domain}/e/{your-environment-id}/api/v2/settings/objects
  • SaaS https://{your-environment-id}


To execute this request, you need the Read settings ( permission assigned to your API token. To learn how to obtain and use it, see Tokens and authentication.


Parameter Type Description In Required
schemaIds string

A list of schema identifiers to search for, separated by comma (e.g. builtin:anomaly.infrastructure,customer.application.application-settings)

To load the first page, when the nextPageKey is not set, this parameter is required.

query optional
scopes string

A list of scopes to filter the persisted settings objects by, separated by comma (e.g. HOST-D3A3C5A146830A79,environment) This will only match for settings directly persisted on the scope, i.e. environment will not match settings which have been saved for a host in this environment.

To load the first page, when the nextPageKey is not set, this parameter is required.

query optional
fields string

A list of top-level fields to include/exclude in the response, separated by comma (e.g. +objectId,+value). To include properties, list them with a leading plus sign (+)

query optional
nextPageKey string

The cursor for the next page of results. You can find it in the nextPageKey field of the previous response.

The first page is always returned if you don't specify the nextPageKey query parameter.

When the nextPageKey is set to obtain subsequent pages, you must omit all other query parameters.

query optional
pageSize integer

The amount of settings objects in a single response payload.

The maximal allowed page size is 500.

If not set, 100 is used.

query optional


Response codes

Code Description



Schema Definition or Scope not found

Response body

The PersistedObjectsList object

The list of persisted settings objects

Element Type Description
items PersistedObject[]

The list of persisted objects

totalCount integer

The total number of entries in the result.

pageSize integer

The number of entries per page.

nextPageKey string

The cursor for the next page of results. Has the value of null on the last page.

Use it in the nextPageKey query parameter to obtain subsequent pages of the result.

The PersistedObject object

A persisted settings object

Element Type Description
modified integer

Timestamp of last modification

updateToken string

Generated upon retrieval and can be used to detect concurrent modification when set during write operations

schemaVersion string

The schema version which was used to create this object

author string

User id or public token id of last modifier

scope string

The scope this value is defined and persisted at

schemaId string

The schema for which the values are valid

value SettingsValue
objectId string

The unique identifier of this settings object

summary string

The Human-readable summary of setting contents

created integer

Timestamp of creation

The SettingsValue object

A single value to be written to the settings. Its content depends on the schema defined for this type of setting.

Element Type Description