Configuration API

Automation is the key to successful IT operations. Automation is also the key to successful monitoring and how you set up your monitoring environment or software intelligence platform.

Managing your configuration is critically important—you probably wouldn’t let anybody change the configuration of your production monitoring environment without proper staging tests.

Keeping track of all the changes within your configurations is another important aspect of what is commonly known as configuration as code.

Configuration as code introduces a strategy for managing your Dynatrace monitoring configurations just as you manage your source code. Managing your configurations should follow the same principles and rules that you apply to your critical, production source code. Configurations must be validated, tested, deployed, and versioned in a controlled and reproducible manner.

Without such rules, configuring your environments can result in chaos, with losses in flexibility, speed, and stability.

Dynatrace configuration API helps you keep track of your Dynatrace monitoring environment configurations. It provides the endpoints listed in the Endpoints section below.