Connect your Cloud Foundry foundations to Dynatrace

This feature is currently provided as a beta release.

To connect your Cloud Foundry foundations to Dynatrace and leverage automatic detection of your Cloud Foundry organizations in addition to other Cloud Foundry process properties like space, space ID, application, application ID, and instance index you need to install an ActiveGate (version 1.151 or higher) in combination with Dynatrace Server version 1.152 or higher.

To enable the detection of the Cloud Foundry organization property within your ActiveGate configuration, you need to adapt your file by adding the following configuration:

cloudfoundry_monitoring_enabled = true
cloudfoundry_oauth_client_id = cf
cloudfoundry_oauth_client_user = cf
cloudfoundry_oauth_client_password =

Please note, adapting the configuration of your ActiveGate will only be necessary during the Beta phase of this feature.

Following restart of the ActiveGate service, you can connect your Cloud Foundry foundation.

To connect your Cloud Foundry foundation

  1. Go to Settings > Cloud and virtualization > Cloud Foundry.
  2. Click Connect new foundation.
  3. Type in your Cloud Foundry API target URL, your Authentication endpoint, your Cloud Foundry Username, and Password.

Dynatrace will query the following Cloud Foundry API endpoints to detect the organization property and attach it to related process groups:




Please note, during the Beta phase of this feature, Dynatrace supports querying up to 100 organizations per Cloud Foundry foundation.

Once you've connected your Cloud Foundry foundation you can create management zones that represent your Cloud Foundry organizations, including any associated applications that are hosted by these organizations. You can also define auto-tagging rules based on the Cloud Foundry organization property (for example, to tag all processes and services related to an application living in a specific Cloud Foundry organization). Further, you can apply naming schemes to entities like hosts, process groups, and services that are based on the Cloud Foundry organization property.