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View your list of problems

Get an overview of all open and closed problems that occurred during a specific time frame. Filter problems by application name and time frame. For complete root-cause analysis, drill down into individual problem details pages.

Slack integration
In addition to being accessible via any Alexa-compatible device, you can also chat with Davis Assistant via Slack, which makes it easy to share Dynatrace insights with team members.

Davis, were there any problems over the weekend?
12 problems occurred over the weekend. Most of the problems occurred on Friday around 8:00 PM. Do you want to view a list?
Via Slack

How do you want to communicate with Davis?

Explore the conversational interface of Davis Assistant, which makes your performance data accessible by answering your natural-language questions and displaying simple dialogs that extend the use of operational data beyond experts.

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Davis Assistant benefits

Actionable answers for executives

Davis Assistant provides executives with immediate, critical information. There's no need to log into Dynatrace.

Davis Assistant benefits

Save 5 minutes with each conversation

"Every time I use Davis Assistant, I gain 5 minutes back in my life, instead of searching for the answer to the problem." *- Devonte Emokpae, Head Of Development at Doctify*

Davis Assistant benefits

Fix problems faster

Minimize downtime by receiving problem notifications in Alexa and Slack that provide actionable insight into the health of your system.

Copa Airlines

Working with Davis Assistant is simple yet very informative and powerful. It brings more visibility and more accountability from the developer. Since we implemented it, we see lower MTTR, but also more cautious deployments.”
Alfredo Obaldia, IT Operations Manager at Copa Airlines

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