“Wait for element” clickpath replay option

Some web pages can load certain content elements without triggering any network activity. This presents a challenge during clickpath replay because it’s unclear when the next recorded action should be executed during monitoring. To address this problem we’ve introduced a new wait option for the replay of recorded clickpath actions.

Beginning with Dynatrace v1.82, you can instruct Dynatrace to Wait for a specific element to appear before executing specific clickpath actions.

clickpath replay options

To use Wait for a specific element to appear setting:

  1. Click the Web checks tile on the Dynatrace homepage.
  2. Select a web check.
  3. Click Edit web check in the menu bar.
  4. Scroll down to the action you want to configure and click Edit to view the settings.
  5. From the How long should Dynatrace wait… list, select Wait for a specific element to appear.
    Additional setting-specific options are then displayed for the action:

    1. (optional) Specify text you’d like to wait for within the selected element.
    2. Choose the Target window you’d like to wait for. ruxitWin[0] is the top-most browser window. You can select other windows and/or frames that may appear during playback.
    3. Customize CSS or DOM Locators specific to the loaded content.
    4. (Optional) To ensure that the element is available, click Add locator to add additional locators and create an advanced wait period. When the first locator isn’t available, the wait logic moves on to the next locator.
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