Availability monitoring for processes

Some time ago Dynatrace introduced availability monitoring for hosts. Availability monitoring is now also available for individual processes. This means you can now automatically monitor the performance and availability of business-critical processes 24/7.

As you can see in the screenshot below, we’ve introduced a new Availability tile. The Apache HTTP server was available 99.1% of the time during the last 7 days. Notice the thick bar within the 5. Feb section near the left end of the chart and the thin bar within the 10. Feb section near the right end of the chart. These bars indicate times when the monitored process was unavailable, most likely due to a crash. Click into the chart to view time-specific metrics.  process availability

Process Availability view shows you how stable and reliable a process is and provides some historical data regarding availability. The process shown below was down for a little over an hour. The Offline state indicates an ungraceful stop (i.e., a crash).

process availability

Crashed processes can be the root cause of all sorts of response time problems and application errors. When Dynatrace determines that a crashed process is the cause of a detected customer-facing problem, the crash is factored into problem root-cause analysis.