See Web request services within all processes!

Starting with Agent version 1.59 Dynatrace shows more if its power. It now gives you service visibility into all, even un-instrumented, processes (i.e., processes where Dynatrace doesn’t even have an agent!).


How does this work?

This works whenever we have a deeply monitored process on the calling side. Using the example shown, by understanding the Web request called from the DynatraceIconography Web request service, and knowing the network connections of all monitored hosts, we know that DynatraceIconography makes Web requests to CouchDB. The same works for Apache and mod_proxy calls. What’s more, because of this, Dynatrace can now correlate process- and infrastructure-level problems on un-instrumented processes to the mapped service and from there to the callers of the service. In other words, if DynatraceIconography slows down because CouchDB has a disk issue, Dynatrace will know and tell you!