Migration to new generation of synthetic monitoring locations begins October 1st

As announced on April 25th, all legacy, physical synthetic-monitoring locations operated by Dynatrace will be replaced with 100% cloud-based synthetic-monitoring locations.  This change only affects Dynatrace synthetic monitors, not Synthetic Classic monitors. The migration begins on October 1, 2018.

You can benefit from this upgrade immediately

All the new monitoring locations are available for use now. You can assign the new locations to any new synthetic monitors that you create or to any existing monitors that you have.

Moving our public synthetic monitoring locations to the cloud brings noticeable performance and stability improvements. This migration also allows us to continue introducing new monitoring locations—enabling you to run synthetic monitors from many new locations worldwide. For details about the location migration and deprecation, see our earlier blog post, New generation of synthetic-monitoring locations available worldwide.

Migration to the new locations

Please see the updated location-reassignment suggestions below to verify the locations you should use in place of any existing (soon-to-be-deprecated) locations that your monitors are currently assigned to. Beginning October 1, 2018, any existing monitors that you have set up at the deprecated locations listed below will be automatically migrated to the new equivalent locations.

All legacy locations will be permanently shut down beginning October 1, 2018. Deprecation will be performed in a rolling fashion and will be carefully tested. When a location is to be shut down, all monitors using that location will be automatically reassigned to the new cloud monitoring location listed below.

Deprecated locations   Equivalent locations
São Paulo São Paulo (sa-east-1) [Amazon]
Sydney Sydney (ap-southeast-2) [Amazon]
 Seattle Seattle (westus2) [Azure]
 Dallas Texas (southcentralus) [Azure]
 San Jose San Jose (westus) [Azure]
 Chicago Chicago (northcentralus) [Azure]
 Singapore Singapore (ap-southeast-1) [Amazon]
 Frankfurt Frankfurt (eu-central-1) [Amazon]
 Paris Paris (francecentral) [Azure]
London London (eu-west-2) [Amazon]
New York1 N. Virginia (us-east-1) [Amazon] / Virginia (eastus) [Azure]
Boston1 N. Virginia (us-east-1) [Amazon] / Virginia (eastus) [Azure]
Atlanta1 N. Virginia (us-east-1) [Amazon] / Virginia (eastus) [Azure]

1During automatic monitor migration, any monitors already assigned to any of the three Boston, New York, or Atlanta physical locations will be unassigned from these locations and reassigned to the N.Virginia (Amazon) and Virginia (Azure) cloud locations. If any monitors are assigned to more than two of the following locations: Boston, New York, or Atlanta physical locations, or the N. Virginia (Amazon) or Virginia (Azure) cloud locations, these monitors will be reassigned to the N. Virginia (Amazon) and Virginia (Azure) cloud locations.