Dynatrace adds method level visibility to improve DevOps collaboration

Dynatrace is great at detecting performance degradations that are caused by code changes and new deployments. You already know that Dynatrace can help you with problems like finding excessive service calls or SQL statements. With recent updates, Dynatrace now provides you with the ability to track problems down to the method level of your code.

We added deep insight at the method level because, more often than not, solving performance problems requires some coding effort. Our new feature enables you to communicate with your developers more efficiently by establishing a common understanding of where code-level problems are located.

Degrading performance

Let’s assume that your web application’s login action is suffering from degrading performance. Notice below that Dynatrace shows the AuthenticationService (i.e., the login action) as the root cause of the problem. If this is all the guidance that you can offer your developers about this problem, your developers won’t be satisfied. They need more detail. The authentication service may include hundreds of lines of code. How are the developers supposed to know exactly where the problem is? Only with method-level visibility into your code can you provide developers with the specific information they need to fix such a problem.

method breakdown

Method-level insight

With our new method-level code visibility enhancement, your developers can now know exactly which method is at the root cause of such performance issues.

Some of the entries in the service execution-time breakdown are now clickable (indicated by light-grey borders). Clicking an entry opens a detailed call stack of the related methods and shows any increases in response time that are caused by specific methods.

method hotspots

Impress your developers by talking code. We’re sure that your ability to find and resolve performance issues will improve significantly with this new method-level insight.

Get started now

We are excited to see how this new features helps you to make your applications even better. Our tip: Pick the slowest of your five most important services and look at the method level data to see which parts of your code impacts response times the most.

If you haven’t started using Dynatrace yet, give it a try right now.