Manage Security Gateway and OneAgent installations from a single location

The Deployment status page enables you to check the status and version of all the Dynatrace OneAgents installed on the hosts in your environment. Now, with the latest release of Dynatrace, you can also manage your Security Gateways from the Deployment status page (Security Gateways were previously listed at Settings Monitoring overview).

To access the Security Gateway list

  1. Open the navigation menu.
  2. Select Deployment status.
    The Deployment status page shows you at a glance which OneAgents were recently connected and which processes require restart following an upgrade of OneAgent. You can also upgrade to the latest version of OneAgent and enable code-level monitoring visibility from here.
  3. Select the Dynatrace Security Gateways tab to view the Security Gateways that are installed in your environment.
  4. (optional) Click the Install Security Gateway button to install a new Dynatrace Security Gateway.

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