Improved security for Dynatrace API keys

The Dynatrace API has grown over the last month to enable you to quickly integrate with all Dynatrace full-stack monitoring capabilities. As we continue to develop the API over the coming months, we will ensure that your key tokens remain secure. To this end, the redesigned API key list (see below) now hides all keys by default. Also, the list now shows you who the owner of each key is (i.e., the person you should contact before deleting an API key).

Each Dynatrace API key is only visible to its owner. Key owners must explicitly expand the details of a key to display the key’s value. Dynatrace admin users can delete keys at any time, but they can’t see the details of keys they haven’t created themselves.

To generate a new key or edit an existing key, go to Settings > Integration > Dynatrace API.

api key