Dynatrace Managed feature update, Version 140

New domain for Mission Control

The domain for Mission control has changed from opcsvc.ruxit.com to mcsvc.dynatrace.com. For details on which IP addresses and domains must be reachable in order to access Mission Control, please see Dynatrace Help.

Cluster-wide backup/restore mechanism

To-date, we utilized per-node backups, which imposed too many limitations, particularly for Elasticsearch and other use cases that involve offloading complete cluster backups. In such scenarios, failure of a single node wasn’t considered fatal as data was replicated (assuming it was running as part of a cluster) and could be restored automatically. However, in order to provide protection against entire cluster failures, we’ve introduced a centralized, per-cluster backup mechanism that uses configurable storage targets including NFS. The new backup mechanism covers cluster configuration and incremental copies of Cassandra and Elasticsearch data, including binaries and all files and configuration needed to perform cluster-wide restores.

We also updated the Backup Settings page, as shown below:

For a detailed explanation of how to restore backup data please refer to How do I restore a cluster?

Also in this Release

  • LDAP configuration has been updated: The groupId attribute is now used to match with the user membership attribute value in case there are stored names instead of DNs. We have also optimized querying performance by revising the amount of information returned for each query. For details on the updated LDAP configuration, please see Can I manage users and groups with LDAP?
  • We updated our REST API for upgrade management. Now, all ready-for-download updates are downloaded automatically. This allows for update removal based on type and version (perform DELETE on /upgradeManagement/installationFiles/{type}/{version}). A GET on /upgradeManagement/installationFiles  retrieves all updates with status.
  • We’ve reviewed and adjusted memory allocation for our Managed clusters.
  • We updated to JDK8u162 for Dynatrace Managed deployments.

Other new features

Additionally, all new features introduced with Dynatrace SaaS Version 139 and Version 140 are now also supported by Dynatrace Managed.