Dynatrace Managed feature update, Version 130

Reserved space visualization

Reserved disk space (which includes space for Cassandra Metrics storage, Elasticsearch storage, Dynatrace installation storage, and Transaction storage) is now visualized as separate colored bars in Node details view (see example below).


Previously, reserved space wasn’t explicitly called out (it was included within Free disk space left). This caused some confusion related to data retention events.

Also in this Release

  • We now offer you more privacy options in terms of enhanced control over your data. Transmission of technology usage and version information as part of your billing data can now be switched off in Preferences or via a flag if you’re accessing via the Dynatrace API.
  • We’re shipping upgraded Cassandra binaries (Version 2.1.18).
  • AIX support for Java & IBM/Apache HTTP Server is now available. See details

Other new features

Additionally, all new features introduced with Dynatrace SaaS Version 129 and Version 130 are now also supported by Dynatrace Managed.