Support for Basic HTTP Authentication

Web checks are a great way of automatically checking the availability of your web application and its key functionality. Beginning with Dynatrace v1.77, clickpath web checks now offer support for HTTP Basic Authentication upon replay. This is a helpful feature if you use the Dynatrace recorder to record clickpath web checks that include user authentication steps.

Haven’t recorded a clickpath web check yet? For full details see How do I record a clickpath web check?

To add authentication support to a clickpath:

  1. From the Dynatrace homepage, click the Web checks tile.
  2. Select the clickpath web check you want to edit.
    You need to select a clickpath that includes an authentication step that you have recorded previously. You won’t be able to replay the clickpath successfully without first editing the authentication step.
  3. Click Edit web check on the menu bar.
  4. Click the Click here to view your clickpath link to view all transactions recorded in the clickpath.
  5. Within the first clickpath transaction you will see an Advanced action configuration link. Click this link to enter your username and password for the site you’re monitoring.
    Basic HTTP authentication
  6. Click Save and begin monitoring with your new web check! Your clickpath should now replay successfully, including user authentication.

Not sure if your site relies on HTTP Basic Authentication? Take a few minutes to read up on HTTP Basic Authentication.