App-performance overview “All actions” tab

In addition to tracking Page load actions during real-user monitoring, Dynatrace also tracks XHR actions (Ajax calls) related in-page content updates like button clicks and scroll actions. Dynatrace also tracks user actions made available when the JavaScript API is used to monitor custom web-app metrics, like how long it takes to process a specific part of an HTML page or a certain bit of JavaScript code. Beginning with Dynatrace v1.83 all three of these action types can be analyzed collectively on the new All actions tab.

The existing Page load actions and XHR actions tabs remain available. Separating actions by type still makes sense because each action type has its own detailed metrics, duration, and behavioral schema. Combining complex page loads with ultra-thin and fast XHR actions usually doesn’t result in improved monitoring, but there are some situations where it’s helpful to view metrics for all user actions together (for example, to understand the overall traffic patterns of an application). With the All actions tab you can now, for example, more easily see if your app’s weekend traffic patterns differ from your its workday traffic patterns. You can also see how your overall action duration times look like when viewed month-to-month.

All actions tab