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Dynatrace digital performance management

Auto-discover and baseline your entire IT ecosystem in minutes. Get full insights into user experience and business impact. Easily monitor and manage application performance and cloud infrastructure. Resolve application problems before your customers are impacted.

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Monitoring redefined

Expert services

We have the expertise to accelerate your digital business. Improve your ROI with our service plans.

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Consumption based, annual or perpetual licenses. We have the right package for your digital business.

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Dynatrace offers digital performance monitoring for business stakeholders, operations, and development.

Unified full stack monitoring. Installed in minutes.

Digital experience analytics

Application performance management

Cloud and infrastructure monitoring

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Full stack monitoring capabilities

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Intuitive dashboards provide full insights immediately. In case of performance issues you get one single notification including the root cause of the issue.

All with no configuration!

Dynatrace offers the broadest range of technology support

Dynatrace is the only APM vendor covering the full stack in one consistent data model for AI-powered full stack analytics.

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Expert services for better ROI

Leverage Dynatrace expert services, the largest global team of APM experts, to get the most bang for the buck.

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See how VW ramped up their full-featured new website in record time with the help of a Dynatrace Managed Services Guardian.

Dynatrace pricing

Dynatrace offers a pure consumption-based pricing model that fits the needs of digital businesses today, as well as annual and perpetual licenses for enterprises and web-scale applications.

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Dynatrace pricing

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