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Simplify critical, real-time business decisions with precision, speed, and context.

Dynatrace gives our engineers the data and the language to talk business risk with our executive leadership. Our CEO even points to Dynatrace as the solution that always gives us the truth.
Mark Tomlinson Director of Performance and Observability, FreedomPay

Drive real-time business decisions with automatic IT context​

  • Understand and report on business health, from executive-level overviews to granular details
  • Track business metrics, KPIs, and SLOs, automatically in context with IT infrastructure, services, and databases
  • Prioritize improvements and automate remediation based on measurable business impact

Track, analyze, and optimize business processes

  • Track business KPIs, detect process anomalies, and prioritize optimization opportunities within business processes
  • Increase efficiency, reduce process errors, and improve customer satisfaction

Accelerate sustainability and reduce cloud costs

  • Get granular cost and carbon footprint insights with optimization recommendations to help reduce cloud costs and IT carbon emissions.

Gain easy access to real-time business data from any source

  • Capture business data as business events and store it in Grail, our massively parallel processing data lakehouse
  • Simplify business reporting and analytics challenges, whether from in-flight application payloads via OneAgent, log files, user sessions, or external systems
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Extend your team’s value with expertise-based data analysis and recommendations

The Business Insights team leverages deep Dynatrace expertise to go beyond application performance and unlock more value to drive business decisions.

End-to-end observability through
one unified platform

See how we cover it all in one automatic, AI-powered platform.

End-to-end observability through one unified platform