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Business Analytics

Drive better business outcomes across web, mobile, and IoT channels through digital application analytics that deliver real-time visibility into business KPIs and improve IT and business collaboration.

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Instantly analyze business data with full context

Unify, store, and contextually analyze massive volumes of business data with speed and cost-efficiency using a causational data lakehouse.

Real-time business observability

Unlock new business use cases by automatically unifying data and observability context from any source, simplifying data availability with long-term cost-efficiency.
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Take action with Business Analytics

Base your business decisions on precise data analysis for web and mobile conversions, revenue impact, release validation, and customer segmentation by combining business context with full stack application analytics and performance.

  • Business Impact

    See real-time business impact to prioritize what matters most.
  • Conversion Optimization

    Reduce abandonment for your highest value customers.
  • Release Validation

    Ensure software releases meet expected business goals.
  • Experience Reporting

    Know where you stand for internal and external SLOs on business and IT metrics.

Establish real-time BizDevOps collaboration

Break down silos across IT and business teams and tools with business analytics for real-time shared context. Pull in additional data from 30+ popular business and analytics tools such as Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, voice of customer tools and marketing automation software.

Prioritize improvements based on business impact

Stop wasting time guessing which optimization efforts are delivering business results with on-demand analysis, exploration, and querying of data. Drive business decisions with insights into what has the greatest business impact, tailored to your industry and business KPIs.

Minimize abandonment and optimize conversions

Proactively optimize digital user experience across business milestones and conversion steps to pinpoint where in the user journey you can improve business outcomes. Leverage application analytics to drill down to performance by geography, product, customer segment, and more.

Instantly understand and fix problems before impact

Stop acting reactively and spend more time on innovation by preventing issues before they impact user experience and business KPIs. Instantly get answers you can count on with AI-powered anomaly detection, alerting, and root cause determination.

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Powerful core technologies

Our technologies work together to understand your ecosystem and deliver precise answers through explainable, causation-based AI, with automatic discovery and topology mapping across billions of dependencies.

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By alleviating customer friction and providing better digital experiences with Dynatrace, our order-at-table mobile application has up to 20 percent higher order value than customers ordering from the bar.
Mark Forrester Digital Readiness Manager Mitchells & Butlers

Extend your team’s value with expertise-based data analysis and recommendations

The Business Insights team combines deep Dynatrace expertise with a turnkey big data platform to go beyond application performance and unlock more value to drive business decisions. Our combination of technology, visualization and expertise will help you communicate, interrogate and act to optimize your business outcomes.

End-to-end observability through one unified platform

See how we cover it all in one automatic, AI-powered platform.

Dynatrace software intelligence platform

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