DevSecOps—Development, security and operations

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What is DevSecOps?

DevSecOps is a collaboration framework that expands the impact of DevOps by adding security practices to the software development and delivery process. DevSecOps resolves the tension between DevOps teams that want to release software quickly, and security teams that prioritize security over all else.

By integrating application security principles and practices into software development and operations, teams can deliver new software and services at agile speed without compromising application security.

Turbo-charge DevSecOps with Dynatrace Application Security and 360-degree observability

Conventional approaches to application security can’t keep pace with cloud-native environments that use agile methodologies and API-driven architectures, microservices, containers, and serverless functions.

Dynatrace Application Security is built for speed. It combines the automation, AI, and the enterprise-scale of the Dynatrace Software Intelligence platform with continuous runtime application vulnerability detection capabilities to deliver application security that enables DevSecOps teams to release software quickly and securely.

  • 90% fewer false positives

    Precisely identify the risk of each vulnerability and eliminate false positives through contextual awareness made possible by automated Smartscape® topology mapping and PurePath® distributed tracing attack-vector analysis.

  • 100% visibility

    Gain complete vulnerability coverage, eliminate manual configuration, and never miss a code change or new deployment with OneAgent® automatic and continuous discovery, instrumentation, and runtime analysis.

  • 5x faster results

    Dramatically speed up risk and impact analysis, remediation, and collaboration with Davis® AI-assistance to identify changes, prioritize alerts, and deliver precise answers about the source, nature, and severity of vulnerabilities automatically and continuously.

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Explore our interactive product tour to see how the automation and intelligence at the core of the Dynatrace platform enable DevSecOps teams to increase efficiency up to 75%, and innovation throughput up to 80%.
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As part of our digital transformation journey, Auto Club Group adopted a multi-cloud strategy, along with agile and SecDevOps approaches to delivering modern applications. However, these practices can introduce gaps in security and observability on exploitable vulnerabilities in the run-time stack, like the recent critical Log4J Shell vulnerability. Turning on the Dynatrace Application Security Module™, we were able to quickly identify vulnerabilities while having the capability to continuously monitor the security environment in our critical business applications.
Gopal Padinjaruveetil CISO at Auto Club Group

Vulnerability detection optimized for Kubernetes and DevSecOps

Dynatrace Application Security provides automated vulnerability detection and risk assessment across the entire software development lifecycle and in every operating environment, including dynamic multiclouds and Kubernetes clusters. No manual steps are required.

Integrate DevOps and security to release software quickly and safely

A key benefit of DevSecOps is to coordinate the efforts of DevOps and security teams, which traditionally work in separate silos.

Dynatrace Application Security enables DevOps and security teams to work together so they can understand risk in context, using a single platform and a common data set. When DevSecOps teams are aligned on the same vulnerability intelligence, they can resolve vulnerabilities that matter, eliminate false positives, and focus on addressing vulnerabilities that are actually exposed in production.

Automate DevSecOps with precise AI-driven answers

The ultimate goal of a DevSecOps initiative is to automate security practices and vulnerability detection into a continuous delivery workflow. As developers gain more responsibility to push applications all the way to production, they are under pressure to release code quickly.

With Dynatrace Application Security, DevSecOps teams automatically receive information about the vulnerabilities in their software builds. Every build gets checked, every time. What's more, Dynatrace AI ensures the risk assessment is precise and accurate, taking into account the actual libraries called in context of the environment and other dependencies involved.

Software intelligence for all DevSecOps teams

Harness automatic and intelligent observability at the core of the Dynatrace platform to innovate faster with greater confidence and collaborate more effectively

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