The OneAgent advantage

One single “hands-free” agent automates 100% full stack monitoring

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Install just one agent, one time, forever—zero manual configuration

With Dynatrace, install just a single agent only once per host to begin collecting all relevant metrics along 100% of your application-delivery chain. Install it and forget it—we take care of everything.

With just a couple of mouse clicks, Dynatrace OneAgent discovers whatever processes you have running on the host. Based on what it finds, OneAgent automatically activates instrumentation specifically for your stack, as well as auto-injecting tags into web application pages. New components get auto-instrumented on the fly.

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“All we had to do was install that one single agent and seconds later we had a perfect picture of our entire system.”

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“OneAgent automatically detected all our different services at once and showed the dependencies that we wanted to focus on. That felt like an instant fast-forward compared to other tools.”

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“Dynatrace’s ease of deployment and auto-detection capabilities reduce the installation effort to almost zero.”

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Automated end-to-end data collection

OneAgent is the only agent on the market that can go out and collect metrics throughout every tier of your application stack automatically. In under 5 minutes, you get all the (operational and business) performance metrics you need from front end to back end and everything in between—cloud instances, hosts, network health, processes, and services. If you’re running it, OneAgent is capturing data about it.

OneAgent auto-detects whatever processes you have running and auto-injects the necessary sub-agents to collect all relevant metrics Only Dynatrace shows you process-specific network metrics

Unified data by design

How can you tell the business impact of an infrastructure failure? Or how each service contributes to application performance? The OneAgent approach was designed to collect front-end and back-end metrics into a single unified data repository. Having a complete, directly connected set of in-context data is what enables Dynatrace to connect the dots among business metrics, real user experience, and operational performance, down to the code level.

OneAgent collects metrics in a unified manner that enables you to monitor everything holistically

Hassle-free updates, future-proof scalability

Once you install Dynatrace OneAgent, you’re set for life. Migrating to the cloud? No problem. Introducing new stack technologies like microservices and containers? Got it. The single agent approach was designed specifically with hyper-dynamic environments in mind.

Dynatrace was designed specifically with modern hyper-dynamic environments in mind

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Dynatrace auto-detects whatever processes and services you have running

Dynatrace OneAgent can monitor the broadest range of technologies in the industry

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What exactly is OneAgent?

Dynatrace OneAgent is essentially one binary file comprising a set of specialized services that have been configured specifically for your monitoring environment. These services collect metrics on various aspects of your hosts, including hardware, operating system, and application processes. The agent can also monitor specific technologies (Java, Node.js, .NET, and more) in greater detail by injecting itself into those processes and monitoring them from the inside. This provides you with code-level insight into the services that your application relies on.

For real user monitoring, Dynatrace OneAgent injects a JavaScript tag into the HTML of each application page that is rendered by your web servers. With these tags in place, the agent can monitor the response times and performance experienced by your customers in their mobile and desktop browsers.

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