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Cloud migration

Whether public or private, if you are replatforming, rehosting, refactoring, or hybrid – for any cloud platform you choose – Dynatrace ensures success through every step of your migration journey.

Cloud is essential to your business strategy. Avoid common hazards for successful cloud migration with Dynatrace.

  • Plan better

    Ensure that the app is well suited for cloud, and the new design and cloud architecture are effective. Dynatrace provides essential insights about the current application – architecture, usage, resources, dependencies, and more - for accurate assessment and optimized design.

  • Move faster

    Problems during cloud migration impact service delivery and cause delays. Leverage automated root-cause analysis, prioritized on end user impact. Ensure a faster, smoother migration by resolving problems faster, and even stopping faulty code builds before they reach production.

  • Operate simpler

    Ensure that your new cloud-based environment meets expectations for service delivery. AI ensures fast, proactive problem detection and resolution, eliminating war rooms and reducing TCO. Seamlessly transition your operations - Dynatrace automatically links application services before and after migration to the cloud.

Obtain essential insights for better assessment and planning

  • In just minutes, automatically create a complete, interactive dependency map of application components across the entire stack.
  • Identify data repositories and activity.
  • Determine external resources and dependencies.

Understand application usage and requirements

Visualize how users interact with your cloud application.
Get visibility into component-level resource consumption.
Dynatrace auto-adapts baselines dynamically as infrastructure changes.

Minimize disruption during cloud migration and prevent delays

Multi-data center observability ensures you can track your application architecture as it changes through cloud migration.
Dynatrace identifies the root cause of the problem, with an interactive infographic that tells you where a problem is and what you can do about it.

Simplify cloud operations

Dynatrace provides complete transparency across private, public, and hybrid cloud.
Gain deep observability into highly dynamic cloud operations.
Cloud infrastructure monitoring complements OS-level and crucial network metrics.

Dynatrace was built for the cloud

Understand how your applications are deployed across cloud instances.
Monitor container-based applications across hosts and cloud instances.

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