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Platform Engineering

Deliver reliable self-service toolchains and workflows for all dev teams, at scale, with observability, security, and automation.

What is Platform Engineering?

Platform Engineering is a practice that builds on internal platforms, enabling self-service capabilities for software engineering teams following a cloud-native approach. A platform encompasses a set of tools, services, and infrastructure that enables developers to build, test, deploy, and monitor software applications. These platforms are known as internal developer platforms (IDPs) and are tailored specifically to an organization's needs, demands, and goals.

Simply put, in a cloud-native world, Platform Engineering is the application of DevOps principles at scale.

Benefits of Platform Engineering

Drive standardization and consistency

Ensure consistent and predictable application deployment through standardized environments, tools, reusable components, centralized libraries, predefined templates, and other cohesive elements.

Utilize resources more efficiently

Design and manage infrastructure for optimal resource use, reducing waste and associated costs. Optimize resources more easily by tailoring platforms to your organization’s unique needs and capacities.

Enhance developer productivity

Empower developers with self-service tools and predefined configurations, freeing them to prioritize coding, innovation, and delivering higher-quality software over infrastructure management.

Scale DevOps

Seamlessly scale DevOps by standardizing infrastructure, automation, and management with internal developer platforms and self-service capabilities.

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