Network application monitoring

Extend Dynatrace’s observability at the edge of your data center and beyond

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Network application monitoring screenshot
Network application monitoring screenshot

Actionable insights from the edge of your data center

Get critical observability into enterprise applications, network services, user experience and application delivery across complex wide-area networks using a passive wire-data approach.

Dynatrace Network Application Monitoring (NAM) extends observability into applications and key network infrastructure, complementing host-based monitoring.

  • Enterprise and custom application analytics from wire data
  • Centralized probe-based monitoring
  • Insights complimenting host-based approaches

Dynatrace analyzes every transaction in real-time, measuring every domain’s contribution to overall response time, so your team knows exactly where to begin to fix a problem or speed up performance.

Complete the picture with wire data analytics

  • Smartscape

Passively monitor all enterprise applications

Understand your user experience for web and non-web enterprise applications like SAP, Oracle EBS, Siebel, and more.

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Analyze the intersection of applications and networks

It's not just the apps! Get critical insights into the wide area network connecting your branch offices and remote users to your data center apps.

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Get broader observability

Wire data analytics compliments host based monitoring approaches by extending to network services. Discover and monitor applications and user experience in your data center with a centralized approach.

Get insights into performance and user experience in corporate application environments

User monitoring for enterprise applications

Get insights into all apps and all users, regardless of platform. Manage user experience for web and non-web enterprise applications, including SAP, Oracle EBS, Siebel, and more.

SAP Overview

Application delivery monitoring

Improving Dynatrace’s end-to-end observability for enterprise applications, Dynatrace Network Application Monitoring (NAM) delivers critical insights into applications on the wide area network.

Get the full picture including your branch offices and remote users to your data center apps, assessing end-to-end network path quality.

Dynatrace discovers users, application services, business-level transactions, and infrastructure components like virtual networks, sites, and links.

Network services discovery & monitoring

Get holistic insights into critical applications and infrastructure services that are not monitored by Dynatrace OneAgents. Dynatrace uses wire data to understand your entire enterprise landscape—applications, clients, servers, and network—providing you with comprehensive performance and availability insights.

Dynatrace monitors all your enterprise applications, including custom and packaged applications like SAP, Oracle EBS, MS Exchange, and Citrix.

Extend observability to the edge of your data center and beyond.

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