Dynatrace platform capabilities

Dynatrace provides the most comprehensive set of monitoring and analytics for the enterprise cloud: all-in-one, AI-powered, fully automated, enterprise grade.

Software intelligence for the customer-centric era

Dynatrace provides the only solution in the market, providing all capabilities required to empower digital enterprises with hybrid multi-clouds to deliver great digital customer experience.

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Digital experience analytics

Business and performance analytics

Business insights

Gain access to critical business-health data in real-time and in one place. Dynatrace is your one-stop shop for understanding the performance of key business transactions and the effects of customer experience on revenue.

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User behavior analytics

Find out how successfully your latest features are adopted by your customers and know if you’ve optimized the right entry points. Dynatrace provides facts to accelerate your business with highly accurate real-time insights.

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Business transaction monitoring

Dynatrace monitors every single business transaction end-to-end, with no gaps or blind spots. It shows the execution of each individual request as it travels through your technology stack.

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Application topology discovery

Dynatrace continuously auto-detects dependencies within your entire application stack. It visualizes your web application architecture end-to-end in real-time.

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Root-cause analysis

Dynatrace detects anomalies before they affect your customers. Find out where and why applications break in seconds.

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Digital experience monitoring

Real user monitoring

Dynatrace monitors the activity of all your mobile and web application users, across all devices and browsers, analyzing the data in real-time to assess user satisfaction.

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Synthetic monitoring

Measure and compare your mobile and web channels using the world’s best synthetic-monitoring network. Monitor performance from the locations where your customers are located by emulating real user behavior from key geolocations around the world.

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Mobile app monitoring

Dynatrace mobile solutions deliver real-time insights to help you optimize each digital moment—from each customer swipe and click all the way to your back-end services.

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Session replay

Understand UX problems intuitively and provide proactive customer complaint resolution. Session replay records every single user sessions and provides a visual replay for faster troubleshooting.

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RUM for SaaS Vendor Experience

Guarantee intelligent deployment of your SaaS solutions based on real-time information about exactly how happy your users are. See how your employees use your software, including real-time status of their experience.

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Digital Experience Insights

Get detailed analysis with actionable Insights that guide you to take the best actions that improve your digital business. Digital Experience Insights provide this as well as day-to-day management of synthetic and real-user monitoring technologies, daily triage, expertise on-demand, and best-practice measurement design and management.

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Application monitoring & performance lifecycle management

Deep-dive application monitoring

Dynatrace provides application performance monitoring with code-level insights for Java, .NET, Node.js, and PHP. Track each transaction, across all tiers, with no gaps or blind spots.

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Database monitoring

Dynatrace monitors and analyzes all of your application’s database activities, providing you with observability all the way down to individual SQL and NoSQL statements.

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Continuous delivery analytics

Accelerate innovation with Dynatrace continuous delivery and test automation capabilities. Effectively monitor key architectural metrics with every single build.

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Mainframe monitoring

Easily manage complex mainframe applications. See and understand transactions at the mainframe level—out of the box.

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Application performance monitoring

Application performance monitoring enables the detection and diagnosis of availability and performance problems across your entire stack.

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Service backtrace

Automatically analyze service call sequences from back-end performance to front-end impact and understand how requests or database statements impact customers.

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Cloud, container, & infrastructure monitoring

Server monitoring

Dynatrace brings your entire data center into view to help you with capacity management. Whether you’re monitoring physical servers or cluster nodes, Dynatrace shows you CPU, memory, and network health metrics all the way down to the process level of each Linux and Windows host.

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Network process monitoring

Dynatrace network process monitoring ensures high-quality process communication, revealing the quality of all process connections on your network—including processes distributed across virtualized cloud environments and data centers.

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Application delivery monitoring

Dynatrace delivers critical insights into the wide area network connecting your branch offices and remote users to your data center. Dynatrace assesses end-to-end path quality, measuring the impact that application-fluent network devices – including WAN optimization controllers, Citrix XenApp, load balancers, firewalls, ADCs, etc. – have on applications delivered to your end users.

Virtualization monitoring

See the full picture of your dynamic virtualized environments. Dynatrace connects the dots between the dependencies of the vCenters in your data center, the processes that run on them, and your applications.

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Microservices & container monitoring

Monitor containerized applications in dynamic environments out-of-the-box. Dynatrace automatically discovers all microservices running in your container environment. See a real-time view of all the connections between your containerized processes, across all hosts and cloud instances.

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Cloud monitoring

Dynatrace monitors your entire stack, including private, public, and hybrid clouds. Whether you run on AWS, Azure, Cloud Foundry, or OpenStack, Dynatrace auto-detects all virtualized components and keeps up with all changes.

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Log analytics

With Dynatrace log analytics, you gain direct access to the log content of all your system’s mission-critical processes. It’s easy to search for specific log messages that you’re interested in. You can even analyze multiple log files simultaneously—even when log files are stored across multiple hosts.

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