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Whether it’s a new site or mobile app you’re launching in today’s competitive online market, the user experience test is an invaluable tool for mitigating risk and building better products. A user experience test, or a synthetic test in which user interactions with an application are simulated, can provide you with valuable information about how your app may perform in the wild. The right user experience testing solution will enable you to visualize and validate your application architecture and quickly resolve issues before users and your reputation are affected.


Implementing an Accurate User Experience Test

The complexity of modern applications makes it difficult to implement a realistic and accurate user experience test. Without the foundation of an end-to-end synthetic monitoring solution, a user experience test may lack the scope necessary to fully investigate an application environment complicated by distributed architectures, third-party services and a diversity of client-side devices.

Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring offers our customers powerful capabilities to overcome that complexity and proactively test and exercise the entire application delivery chain:

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Incorporating the User Experience Test and User Experience Management in Your Business

For engineers in pre-production, synthetic user experience test can provide valuable insights into how an application performs under stress. But for product managers and business owners, there’s no substitute for user monitoring softwarethat provides insight into how real users are experiencing your live application or website. Dynatrace’s cloud-based Real User Experience solution collects real-time data on application performance and real user behavior, allowing you to better understand consumers, the devices and browsers they use, and how they interact with your products. And analysis of this real user data, in tandem with synthetically-generated user experience test data, empowers you to continuously improve and optimize performance and manage the user experience throughout the lifecycle of your applications.

Dynatrace’s comprehensive integrated APM platform supplies you with the testing, monitoring and user experience evaluation capabilities you need to assure user satisfaction at launch and beyond:

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