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In competitive online and app marketplaces, implementing user experience optimization for products and services is essential for companies that want to engage digital-savvy consumers, convert visitors into paying users, and keep customers loyal to their brand. And it’s not just today’s consumers that expect a good user experience on every device and platform.

Search engines are demanding, too. As internet search algorithms begin to favor elements of the user experience such as availability and mobile-friendliness, organizations in various industries are turning to user experience optimization as a way of improving their site’s search ranking, conversion rates, and brand reputation.

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How organizations can leverage user experience optimization

Although "UX" is often associated with product design, the user experience now encompasses much more than the balancing of form and function in material objects. Instead, it emphasizes the fulfillment of a user’s needs and wants through interactions with products and services. For digital platforms then, the goal of user experience optimization efforts should be to provide satisfying interactions to users: through responsive web sites—and beautiful, fast mobile apps with intuitive UIs—that enable users to accomplish things like sharing with friends or buying a new pair of shoes.

To carry out user experience optimization, many organizations leverage user experience tools, which are designed to help information architects and developers improve the usability of their web and mobile sites or mobile apps. Mobile analytics tools and customer experience analytics solutions ranging from lightweight SDKs to remote usability testing services are widely available and can be used to collect data on user behavior. This data can then be used to:

Implementing data-driven user experience optimization with Dynatrace user experience management

Developed by the leading provider of APM solutions, Dynatrace User Experience Management gives your teams the tools they need to track and analyze the user experience from end-to-end on all of your digital platforms. Combining real-time and synthetic user monitoring with deep-dive transaction tracing capabilities, Dynatrace UEM offers you holistic visibility across the entire application delivery chain, including third-party services and CDNs—for web and mobile sites and mobile apps.

Enabling data-driven user experience optimization and comprehensive customer experience management, Dynatrace UEM automatically detects and captures all user visits, click paths, and transactions so you can monitor the performance of user actions and drill down to the problematic tier, service, or line of code when issues are detected. Intuitive dashboards and granular data allow you to proactively identify and fix glitches, resolve customer complaints fast, and ensure your users are never disappointed with your service or your brand.

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