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The user experience is a critical differentiator in competitive online and mobile markets. Collecting and analyzing user experience metrics with website monitoring tools, mobile app monitoring tools, and user behavior analytics tools is one method forward-thinking firms are using to improve the overall user experience of their websites, mobile sites, and mobile apps—to develop and deliver better products and services for online and mobile channels. User experience metrics help you quantitatively assess whether you are providing today’s demanding users with the best performance possible and keeping them engaged with your brand.

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Collecting user experience metrics to deliver users the features and experiences they want

User experience metrics offer you a way to assess your site’s performance from the end user perspective and to evaluate the effectiveness of your user experience strategy. They enable you to establish baselines for detecting anomalies in performance or the user experience. Which user experience metrics you collect will depend on your particular goals and choice of monitoring or testing tool but are generally defined in terms of application usability or response timing, user engagement, and conversion.

Some common user experience metrics are time to first byte, full page load time, bounce rate, average session length, average time on page, pages viewed per session, conversion rate, and error rate. User experience metrics can be gathered and reported on using user experience testing tools or end user experience monitoring tools and analyzed to identify poorly performing web pages or site components and determine which content or features your users actually engage with. When combined with user behavior analytics, user experience metrics can provide you with actionable insight into your user’s expectations, motivations, and needs, allowing you to develop websites that are useful to your users and promote engagement and conversion.

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Comprehensive digital performance management centered on the end user experience

Dynatrace is a suite of integrated website performance tools developed by the leaders in application performance management (APM). Dynatrace gives you access to synthetic monitoring, real user monitoring, and backend monitoring tools, which are combined into a single platform enabling comprehensive digital performance management. With support for round-the-clock web application availability monitoring from locations and last mile networks around the globe and 100% capture of all user sessions, Dynatrace goes beyond other monitoring tools to provide you with holistic visibility into website performance and the user experience.

At Dynatrace, we’re dedicated to helping firms deliver exceptional digital customer experiences. This is why we’ve recently introduced user experience metrics of our own, Visually complete and Speed index—metrics that bring you closer to the actual end user experience. With Visually complete, you can measure exactly how long it takes for your website to become fully loaded visually, or to the point where users can begin interacting with your site, while Speed index tells you how fast your page loads from the users’ perspective.

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