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As the core focus of IT service management shifts from the data center to the user experience, organizations are switching from traditional component monitoring technologies to holistic APM solutions that exercise the entire service delivery environment and enable real-time user experience evaluation. Due to the complexity of modern web applications, the ubiquity of virtualized infrastructure, and the diversity of endpoint devices available today, more and more IT professionals are finding that internal network and website performance testing is inadequate for ensuring high-quality service to each and every user.

Further, while a synthetic user experience test is helpful for assessing usability and functionality, only real-time user monitoring and user experience evaluation can provide companies with the information they need to truly understand where and how users access their sites, how users interact with and consume their products, and the level of performance users demand from their applications.

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Empowering Responsive IT with User Experience Evaluation

Dynatrace, the leaders in a new generation of APM software, have developed a deep-dive application monitoring and user experience evaluation toolset that simplifies application performance management and facilitates collaboration among developers and IT operations teams. Bringing together sophisticated application and end user monitoring capabilities, Dynatrace User Experience Management gives IT organizations real-time, end-to-end visibility into application availability and performance—from the user perspective:

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Empowering Insightful Business Leadership with User Experience Evaluation

What makes our user experience evaluation capabilities unique—and valuable for business leaders—is the business activity visibility and real user experience insight obtainable with Dynatrace User Experience Management:

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