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In their efforts to engage consumers with appealing, interactive web and mobile applications, companies are finding user experience analysis to be an indispensable strategic tool. As the priority of IT shifts from systems and infrastructure to application performance and the end user, user experience analysis is helping organizations offer users positive, dependable online and mobile app experiences.

User experience analysis allows businesses to assess the usability and functionality of products and services. Investing in UX-based APM softwareand integrating user experience evaluation toolsets into the application development lifecycle is one of the best ways companies can develop and produce better websites and apps—and assure a superior user experience to each and every customer.

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Employing User Experience Analysis to Support the Business and Your Users

A key component of Dynatrace’s comprehensive APM tool set, user experience analysis goes beyond run-of-the-mill web analytics to help you map and understand user behavior, monitor transactions from the end-user perspective, and gather information about the context in which users access your applications.

In tracking user activity, examining the response of applications to user actions, and identifying the devices, browsers, and bandwidths of your users, user experience analysis gives you the real-time data and intelligence you need to:

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Improving Your Applications and Services with User Experience Analysis

The most complete solution for your UX-driven needs, Dynatrace User Experience Management brings together deep-dive application monitoring and end-to-end transaction monitoring capabilities with sophisticated user experience analysis tools, offering you crystal clear visibility into the performance of your applications—for each and every visit and every user click and swipe.

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